Modular Houses

Modular houses

Modular house 25 - NorgesHus
Modular house 25

Modular house 25

Floor area: 25m2 Living space: 16.5m2 Bathrooms: 1 Bedrooms: 0
Modular House NorgesHus 38-1
Modular house 38

Modular house 38

Floor area: 38m2 Living space: 29.5m2 Bathrooms: 1 Bedrooms: 1
Modular House 48 - Price from 40.000.-€ + vat
Modular house 48

Modular house 48

Floor area: 48m2 Living space: 39.5m2 Bathrooms: 1 Bedrooms: 1
Modular Houses NorgesHus 51-1
Modular house 51

Modular house 51

Floor area: 51m2 Living space: 42.5m2 Bathrooms: 1 Bedrooms: 1
Modular House NorgesHus 63-1
Modular house 63

Modular house 63

Floor area: 63m2 Living space: 54.5m2 Bathrooms: 1 Bedrooms: 1
Modular house 76

Modular house 76

Floor area: 76m2 Living space: 67.5m2 Bathrooms: 1 Bedrooms: 2

Welcome to NorgesHus Modular Houses – Where Innovation Meets Efficiency

Discover a range of exquisite modular houses designed to cater to your diverse needs and preferences. Our collection boasts a variety of sizes and styles, each built with precision and care to ensure optimal energy efficiency, comfort, and aesthetics. Our modular houses are constructed using high-quality wood, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern design principles.

Modular Houses for Every Lifestyle

25m² Coziness

Perfect for cozy living, our 25m² modular house is ideal for those seeking simplicity and efficiency. Whether it’s a weekend retreat or a compact home, this unit maximizes space without compromising on style.

38m² Tranquility

Experience the serenity of our 38m² modular house. With a harmonious blend of design and functionality, it provides a comfortable living space that can be customized to suit your individual tastes.

48m² Harmony

Our 48m² modular house is designed for those who appreciate spacious living without excess. With its open layout and versatile design options, you’ll find harmony in every corner.

51m² Elegance

Elegance meets efficiency in our 51m² modular house. This design effortlessly combines form and function, making it a perfect choice for those who desire a touch of sophistication.

63m² Serenity

Discover serenity in every corner of our 63m² modular house. With ample room for both relaxation and entertainment, it’s the epitome of modern living in a compact footprint.

76m² Luxury

For those who desire a bit more luxury, our 76m² modular house offers the perfect blend of space and style. Experience spaciousness without compromise, all within a sustainable and energy-efficient framework.

Sustainable Beauty, Inside and Out

At NorgesHus Modular Houses, sustainability is at the heart of our designs. Each modular house comes with the option of a painted wooden facade or a decorative cement plate facade, allowing you to choose the look that complements your surroundings and personal style.

Expand Your Possibilities

Enhance your modular house by adding wooden pergolas or carports in wood construction. These additions not only elevate the aesthetics but also provide practical benefits, such as shade and protection for your vehicles.

Embrace Modern Elegance

Our modular houses feature flat roofs that exude modern style and sophistication. This design choice not only adds a touch of contemporary charm but also allows for efficient use of space and integration of solar panels for enhanced energy efficiency.

NorgesHus Modular Houses bring together the best of Scandinavian craftsmanship, energy efficiency, and design innovation. Explore our range of modular houses, and find the perfect one to call your own. Contact us today to start your journey towards a sustainable, stylish, and comfortable living experience.

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