Modular House 51 – Price 40.000.-€ + VAT

Modular House 51 - Price 40000

Modular House 51 – Price 40.000.-€ + VAT.

Modular House 51 – Step into a realm where contemporary design meets nature’s tranquility with the NorgesHus Modern Modular House. Designed for those who appreciate a fine balance between style, space, and sustainability, this home represents the zenith of eco-friendly Nordic architecture.

  • Floor & Living Area: Boasting a comprehensive floor area of 51m2, the living space stands expansively at 42.5m2. The architecture ensures an airy feel, making use of every square meter to establish a free-flowing environment.
  • Design & Structure: Its minimalist flat roof underscores a trendy modern aesthetic, while the elegant wooden pergola shading the entrance serves as both a functional and design element, setting a welcoming tone for residents and guests alike.
  • Rooms & Amenities: The heart of the home lies in its capacious living room that seamlessly integrates with an open kitchen, a perfect setting for both day-to-day living and entertaining. The large bedroom offers a sanctuary for relaxation, accompanied by ample storage space. To cater to modern needs, a well-appointed bathroom is fitted with contemporary fixtures.
  • Material & Build: Rooted in the Nordic tradition of wooden architecture, the house resonates with warmth and character. Its wood construction not only melds seamlessly with natural surroundings but also stands as a testament to timeless, durable craftsmanship.
  • Eco-friendly Construction: In alignment with NorgesHus’s vision of sustainable living, this modular house is constructed using environmentally-responsible materials and practices. It’s a home that allows residents to tread lightly on the Earth, without compromising on luxury or comfort.

The NorgesHus Modern Modular Houses, with its refined design and eco-centric approach, offers an unparalleled living experience. It’s not just a house; it’s a statement of forward-thinking lifestyle choices, a perfect blend of modern comforts and environmental responsibility.

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