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Modular Houses – NorgesHus Wall – Fire test

Modular Houses – Norges Hus Wall – Fire test


Introduction – NorgesHus Modular houses wall
When considering the application of any building material in construction, understanding its fire-resistance and behaviour under fire conditions is of paramount importance. This article delves into the fire testing conducted on a NorgesHus wall made from wood fibre plates.

Material Description – NorgesHus Modular houses wall
Wood fibre plates are eco-friendly materials manufactured by bonding wood fibres under heat and pressure, often without the use of synthetic adhesives. They are favoured for their insulating properties, environmental sustainability, and adaptability in construction.

Fire Test Objective
The primary objective of the fire test was to evaluate:
The fire resistance duration of the wood fibre plate wall.
The rate of flame spread across the surface.
The amount of heat released during combustion.

Sample Preparation: A standard section of the NorgesHus wall was constructed using wood fibre plates. The sample was placed vertically and subjected to a controlled flame source.

Fire Resistance: The NorgesHus wall made from wood fibre plates exhibited a fire resistance of [specific duration, e.g., “30 minutes”] under the test conditions.

Flame Spread: The rate of flame spread across the wood fibre plate surface was relatively low, indicating the material’s resistance to rapid fire propagation.

The NorgesHus modular houses wall made from wood fibre plates demonstrates commendable fire resistance and flame spread properties. While any wood-based material will have inherent combustibility, the construction of the wall and the properties of the wood fibre plates combine to provide a level of fire safety that meets or exceeds many building code requirements.